In 2012 the Faith and Global Engagement Initiative was planted as a small but robust seed in the soil of The University of Hong Kong to bring Christian thought into conversation with the academic community on contemporary issues. Five years on, one seed has resulted in...

27 Public Lectures
90 Courses, Conferences, Events
35,000 Students, Attendees
133,000+ Online Engagements



We engaged local and international artists to wrestle with questions of art, faith, and humanity through The Still Point—a three-week arts festival with a lineup of fifteen events including exhibitions, orchestral and choral concerts, dance, drama, talks, dialogue, and fashion.

The Still Point: 19,200 visitors and attendees.
Creatives included: Jeremy Begbie / Ray Chan See-kwong / Barney Cheng / Iestyn Davies / Makoto Fujimura / Bruce Herman / Kung Chi-shing / Gabriel Leung / Evelyna Liang-Kan Yee-woo / Aenon Loo / Geoff Poon / Colin Seah / Airi Suzuki / Aaron Tan / Zixi Tan / Christopher Theofanidis / Justin Wong Chiu-tat / Stephen Wong Chun-hei / Die Konzertisten / Passoverdance / The Black Sheep Family and the Creative Writing Studio / The Hong Kong New Music Ensemble



We engaged world-class speakers to discuss big issues pertaining to faith in the contemporary world: Justice, Peace, Feminism, Leadership, Power, Love, Sex, Hope, Happiness and Work.

Timothy Keller Hope Beyond the Walls of the World; Philip Yancey True Happiness? John Lennox God Is Irrelevant; David Skeel Is Justice Possible? Mary Poplin Radical Feminism, Marxism, Love; Michael Lindsey Leadership in The Halls of Power; Andrew White Radical Peace; William Lane Craig God and The Big Bang



We fostered fruitful interactions between science and religion through lectures, short courses, and undergraduate common core courses. In 2016, we launched FaSCoRe (Faith and Science Collaborative Research Forum)—a Templeton World Charity Foundation funded platform for interdisciplinary discussions among academics across Hong Kong, to facilitate a process of mutual transformation by which religion can enrich science and science can enrich religion.

Who Cares if We Live? Slaves to Our Genes? What is Our Humanity? Stepping Outside Creation vs. Evolution; Does Religion Have Any Place in Our Science? Redeeming Technology



With the support of HKU alumni, nonprofit and business leaders and the Oxford Global Leadership Initiative, we offered The Way to Success leadership and mentorship programme and The Character of Leadership student forum respectively, cultivating servant leadership, character, and values among more than 300 high potential HKU undergraduate students.

Before I thought of leadership as power... Now I understand leadership is a kind of service.
Leaders should have a spirit of sacrifice and service.
I now understand more the importance of humility.
I have reinforced my idea of true friendship and its role in forging a person's true character.