Dr. Ling Hua Loon
Project Manager


Ling Hua Loon has his background in the field of education, working as an educator and researcher, engaging with learners of various ages in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong at school and university settings. He holds a Master's degree in Educational Leadership from the University of Nottingham, UK, and a PhD in Education from the University of Hong Kong. Additionally, Hua Loon has a Diploma in Early Childhood Education, certification as a life coach, and expertise in numerous psychometric tools for self-discovery and team development.

Hua Loon's earlier work and research primarily focused on character development, personal and team leadership growth, and financial literacy education for young learners. Utilising mixed methods and vignette methodology, he seeks to better understand individual behaviour and cultural influences, ultimately shaping more effective educational approaches. Currently, Hua Loon's research interests and work are centred on understanding and developing communities of virtue, character leadership, purpose, flourishing, commitment, and group mentoring. Serving as a team leader and principal investigator for the University of Hong Kong's Lead for Life programme curriculum and research, Hua Loon aims to contribute to the field of education and support a flourishing life for learners.