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Israelis and Palestinians Together: A Story Untold
Dr. Erez Soref 

23 January 2017 (Monday) | 7pm | HKU Moot Court

The establishment of the state of Israel in 1948 (called by the Arabs al- naqbe – the disaster) and the results of the 6-day war in 1967 (called by the Arabs al-naqse – the shame) have sharpened the focus of the Jewish-Arab conflict to be on the relationship between Israelis and Palestinians.

The tension has existed for 4000 years between the sons of Abraham – the Jewish and Arab people – competing for the father (Gods) love.

This has played out throughout history, and specifically in the past 1600 years since Islam took over the Arab world. Indeed – this conflict takes place in a tiny portion of the earth, between two parties representing an infinitesimal percentile of the worlds population, but it receives a completely disproportionate ratio of media attention and coverage worldwide.

For the past 100 years, the best human minds and most powerful world-leaders are attempting to solve this conflict – with little impact. In fact, some would say that Jewish-Arab relations have now hit an all-time low, a grievous reality evident in the media day after day.

But is there more?

There is a story of an amazing unity between Israelis and Palestinians, based in spiritual renewal. This radically different and unique reality is touching the lives of thousands and it gives hope to this hopeless situation – but it has not reached the media and is untold. This lecture shares that story.

Dr. Erez Soref serves as the President of Israel College of the Bible (ICB), Israels only accredited Bible College and Seminary for 11 years. Prior to that he served as Academic Dean and chair of the counseling department at ICB, and as lecturer at the University of Haifa department of Education.

Dr. Soref studied for his BA at the University of Haifa, Israel, and completed MA degrees in Clinical Psychology and Theological Studies, as well as his Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at Wheaton College, USA. He completed a post-doctoral tenure at Maytal – Israels center for the study and treatment of Psychological stress.

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