Canon Andrew White on Radical Peace: Theologies and Practices of Reconciliation

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16 May 2016

We all think we know what is to be humane until we are challenged. Once we are pushed out of the comfort of our civilised armchairs, our behaviour can be one of hatred, division, violence and the demonisation of our enemies - it can happen in Mong Kok or Syria, on a university campus or in a war-zone. If peace isn’t radical, our humanity will never attain it under pressure. But how far would you go to seek reconciliation and peace with your enemies?

Spaekers:  Canon Andrew White (Vicar of Baghdad) • Rabbi Asher C. Oser (Ohel Leah Synagogue) •  Chief Imam Muhammad Arshad (Kowloon Masjid and Islamic Centre)

Canon Andrew White, known as the Vicar of Baghdad, has seen some of the worst atrocities that humans can inflict on each other. He has worked as a mediator with world leaders in some of the deadliest disputes on earth, including Israel and Palestine, Iraq and Nigeria.