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Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.

As we reflect this Christmas season, we stand in awe of the timeless hope revealed to humankind in a humble stable in Bethlehem.  At HKU, we hear tidings of great joy rising among us. Listen to what our students have been saying … 

I am overjoyed by the fact that I have finally found and am connected with you and the faith and science circle. I believe this is God's answer to my prayer... Thank you again for being instrumental in bringing this to Asia!!

All the talks were so excellent and in hindsight, I felt that they were all building to a crescendo in the final talk. I came away from the last talk overjoyed and almost in a bliss having learned so much in such a short time! Thank you the University of Hong Kong for being such a forward-looking university that nurtures such a conversation and the lovely people that made this happen.  

Attendee response to Prof Alister McGrath's (Oxford) "God, Science and the Meaning of Life" public lecture, November 2017


I find the event helpful, enriching and motivating.

In the future I believe this is a good direction to go towards because in the world today religion is viewed as backwards.... There is a reason why after 2000 years of human history religion still persists.

Student response to Dr. Andrew Loke's "Creation and Evolution" General Education talk, November 2017


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Happy Merry Christmas wishes!

From All at Faith and Global Engagement,

Prof Daniel Chua (Arts)
Prof Paul Cheung (Engineering)
Prof Pauline Chiu (Science)
Prof Terry Lum (Social Sciences)
Prof Samson Tse (Social Sciences)
Dr Mike Brownnutt (FaSCoRe)
Dr Andrew Loke (Arts)
Dr Harry Hui (emeritus)
Grace Lee Baughan (Faith HKU)
Carmen Bat (Faith HKU)

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