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Life's Biggest Questions:
Student Lunchtime Discussion

Dr. Andrew Loke

10 April 2019 (Wed) • 12:30pm
CPD 4.17, Jockey Club Tower

Join us for a lunchtime discussion with Dr. Andrew Loke in follow-up to Prof. NT Wright's talk on "Life's Biggest Questions".  

Andrew Loke was Research Assistant Professor at The University of Hong Kong, and is currently Assistant Professor at Hong Kong Baptist University. He did his Bachelor in Medicine at National University of Singapore, worked for 7 years as a medical doctor, before completing his Masters in Philosophy at Biola University and his PhD at King’s College London. His PhD covered the disciplines of analytic philosophy of religion, systematic theology and historical-critical studies. He is the author of The Origins of Divine Christology (Cambridge University Press), God and Ultimate Origins (Springer Nature), A Kryptic Model of the Incarnation (Routledge), Science and Christian Faith (Ethos),《系統神學》(Systematic Theology;天道),《星空背后的真理》(中信), and《愈辯愈明:從哲學,科學,歷史辯證基督信仰》(天道). In addition, he has published articles in leading international peer-reviewed journals such as Australasian Journal of Philosophy, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, Religious Studies (Cambridge University Press) and Journal of Theological Studies (Oxford University Press).

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