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Cohabitation Around the Globe: "Living Together" and Its Impact on Society

Prof. W. Bradford Wilcox (University of Virginia, Institute for Family Studies)

23 May 2017 • 7-8:30pm •  HKU Rayson Huang Theatre

Across much of the globe—from the United Kingdom to the United States, from Peru to the Philippines—marriage is in retreat and cohabitation is on the advance. The implications of this shift for adults are much debated, but what are the effects on children? In this lecture, University of Virginia sociologist Bradford Wilcox will show the repercussions that the rise in cohabitation has on families and children across much of the globe. He will include discussion on the impact these findings suggest for Hong Kong and China.  

Prof. W. Bradford Wilcox is Director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia, Professor of Sociology at the University of Virginia, and a Senior Fellow at the Institute for Family Studies. The author of numerous articles and books, Professor Wilcox’s research has focused on the quality and stability of family life in the United States and around the globe. His research has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The BBC, The Atlantic, Slate, NBC’s The Today Show, and many other media outlets.

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