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  The Human-Technology Interface

Prof Bob Fortner (Palm Beach Atlantic University)

6 April 2018 (Friday) | 7pm
KB 2.23 Knowles Building, The University of Hong Kong

Co-organised by:
Faith and Science Collaborative Research Forum, HKU
Lumina College


Humans, through the application of advanced prosthetics and neural interfaces, are rapidly moving toward the $6 Million Man. Robots, with the application of general artificial intelligence, are rapidly moving toward human cognitive abilities, self-learning, and replication. Somewhere in the middle, flesh will meet steel as these two trends merge. What, then, will be human and what will be technology? Does it matter for the human condition? This exploratory talk will raise questions that will face all humanity in the coming decades.

About the speaker
Prof Robert Fortner is Chair of the Communication Department at Palm Beach Atlantic University, FL. He received his PhD from the Institute of Communications Research at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, IL. His dissertation focused on the cultural history of the development of communications technologies in Canada and he has published additional essays since then on the development of both radio and television systems there. His interests include international communication, media ethics, political economy of communications, and technological development. He recently published the book World Media  Ethics: Cases and Comentary, and has been working on the issues raisedfor our understanding of  humanity by digital technologies. He has conducted field work in twenty-two countries and taught classes, seminars, and workshops in a like number.

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