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Justice vs. Reconciliation? 
Interpersonal Conflicts in Troubling Times

Dr. C. Harry Hui

25 September 2019 (Wednesday) | 7:30pm-9pm
CPD-LG.07, HKU Centennial Campus (LG/F)

The social unrest that began in June 2019 has taken a toll on many otherwise loving relationships in families and faith communities. People in the midst of such rifts often wonder:

  • Can I maintain ties with someone who does not have any sense of justice?
  • Why is reconciliation difficult or even impossible?
  • No justice, no peace?
  • What should I take note of when trying to rebuild an important relationship?

Dr. Hui will address these questions from a psychologist’s perspective and from his knowledge of Hong Kong’s Christian community.

C. Harry Hui is a social-organizational psychologist who helps organizations in team-building and conflict prevention. After receiving his doctorate from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, he taught at this university until his retirement in mid-2016. He is coauthor of a book entitled Church conflicts: Socio-psychological and pastoral perspectives «相愛又相爭:教會衝突的反思》(2012).

Moderator: Prof. Samson S.K. Tse
Samson Tse is the Professor of Mental Health at the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, and currently Associate Dean (undergraduate education) of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Admission Free. Registration required.


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