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Since June 2012, Faith and Global Engagement  has been actively engaged at HKU: to examine the relevance of Christian thought to the contemporary world, and to equip students with values that would enable society to flourish. 

Here are some recent highlights:


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Tales of Faith: realizing the vision //

Faith and Global Engagement has changed the cityscape - last month, we gathered with friends to toast 7 years! 

Character of Leadership: year 3 //

Our HKU-Oxford initiative seeks to help students to develop as wise thinkers and good leaders who will contribute positively to industries and societies around the world. 

What students say:

'If there was one right decision I made this year, it would be to have attended this programme!'

‘I learnt that leadership requires hope, humility and friendship.’


Distinguished lectures // 

The McDonald Faith and Global Engagement Distinguished Lecture Series brings world-class speakers to engage important issues of the day. We addressed contemporary issues of social media and happiness among university students; artificial intelligence and being human; the relationship of science and religion; and addressing life's biggest questions from students.

Undergraduate Teaching //

FGE is filling classrooms with two credit-bearing courses: A life worth living and Science and religion: Questioning Truth, Knowledge, and Life. Both courses have been fully subscribed with 120 students each!

Looking ahead //

FGE is in a new season for sustained presence at HKU. These challenging times provide us with an opportunity to teach with greater passion, heart and commitment - more than ever before - to nurture Hong Kong's next generation of leaders.

FGE is expanding further into HKU, hiring more faculty to impact more students.  You can help realise the vision!  The best time to give is NOW! Your donation will be immediately increased by 50%, i.e. $1 matching for every $2 donation under the Government Matching Grant Scheme starting July 1, 2019. 

Contact us: (Grace Lee Baughan)

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