Executive Committee
PROF. DANIEL K.L. CHUA | Faculty of Arts | Director
DR. MICHAEL BROWNNUTT | Faculty of Social Sciences / Faculty of Science
PROF. PAUL Y.S. CHEUNG| Faculty of Engineering 
PROF. PAULINE CHIU | Faculty of Science
DR. ANDREW LOKE | Faculty of Arts 
PROF. TERRY LUM | Faculty of Social Sciences
PROF. SAMSON TSE | Faculty of Social Sciences

Administrative Office
GRACE LEE BAUGHAN | Executive Manager, Events and Establishment
CARMEN BAT | Creative Media Officer

Academic Advisory Board
DR. DAVID F. ALLEN, M.D., M.P.H | Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association 
PROF. JEREMY BEGBIE | Duke Divinity School, Duke University | Faculty of Music, University of Cambridge 
PROF. ALISTER MCGRATH | Andreas Idreos Professor of Science and Religion, University of Oxford 
PROF. LIONEL TARASSENKO | Chair in Electrical Engineering, University of Oxford | Director of Institute of Biomedical Engineering | Fellow, St. John's College
PROF. MIROSLAV VOLF | Founder and Director, Yale Center for Faith and Culture | Henry B. Wright Professor of Theology, Yale University

NATALIE CHAN | Director of Ray Bakke Centre for Urban Transformation
TOM CHAN | Retired businessman
YIM-KWONG CHAN | Regional Director-Agency, AXA China Region Insurance Co Ltd
TAMMY FAN | Director-General of The Fan Family Charitable Trust
CHRISTINE IP | Managing Director and CEO United Overseas Bank Hong Kong Office 
KIM-KUEN IP | Chief Executive Officer, GR Talent Consulting Limited | Minister, Abounding Grace Baptist Church 
KEVIN LAU | Chairperson of Make-a-wish Foundation
ANDREW LI | District Court Judge 
DAVID SUN | Former Chairman, Ernst and Young of the Far East Area 
LAUREN TIEN TSE | Sales Director at G2000 (Apparel) Ltd. | Board member of Sunrise Educational Fund